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St Margaret Lothbury service

While all churches are required to cease public worship, we are posting a weekly video of our service at St Margaret’s.

A message from the Rector, Jeremy Crossley

It was a bit of a surprise on Monday morning to hear Mark Carney quoting Lenin on Radio 4: former Governors of the Bank of England don’t often do that! However the quotation was, as we would have expected, particularly apposite; “sometimes nothing happens for decades: sometimes decades happen in a week.” Living through this crisis has demanded from all of us extreme agility & the capacity to adapt to swiftly changing circumstances & in a small way, I’ve been particularly aware of that this week.

The Government’s recent announcement that churches could open for private prayer has given us the opportunity to make St Margaret’s available to any who wish to use it in this way & although numbers have been small, this reflects the fact that there are comparatively few people around at the moment, even if more people seem to be at work each week. I hope that we will be able to open St Mary’s at some point in the near future but this hasn’t been possible so far.

Just as we were responding to this new possibility, the Prime Minister announced that church services can start again next week but with the restrictions that have been placed on numbers, worship & Holy Communion I suspect that it will be a little while before we can meet in person. However, it was very exciting for me to be able to celebrate Holy Communion on Tuesday & then give the talk that went out on Wednesday from St Margaret’s & for Cliff to be able to welcome you on Wednesday from St Mary’s. I was so excited that I forgot the principle that wherever I am, I need to look at the camera. I’d been looking round the building as I would have done while preaching in normal times, imagining people sitting in their usual places & imagining, too, new people seated wherever there were spaces. I felt a fresh sense of anticipation about what God wants to do in City Church life when we can all meet again.

At the moment, though, we will have to continue as we are & it’s great that almost all we would normally do in our two churches we are able to do virtually. The exception so far has been the weekly organ recital at Lothbury & we would love to include that as well. With the forecast in the City that no more than 30% of people will be back in their offices before Christmas our virtual life is key. However, I’d love to hear from you about what you might want from our churches if you are returning in the next few months. It may be that all of us will be in that 30% or more likely, only a few of us will be back before Christmas. I would hope that both the physical & virtual life of the church would be supportive.

One of the aspects of church life that has actually begun during lockdown is the Working Women course, details of which are below; however next Monday evening, 29th June, from 6pm to 7.15pm on zoom, Dr Kate Middleton will be speaking on taking care of our mental & emotional health during this phase of lockdown. She is a psychologist with a particular interest in emotional health in adverse circumstances as well as helping people reach their full potential. She is also an Assistant Pastor of a church in Hertfordshire & the author of several books. It sounds like a great opportunity. Do email Sophie Bannister (sophie@stml.org.uk) if you’d like to attend.

All talks are still available on our Youtube channel (find them by clicking here ).

This comes with my best wishes & continuing prayers from a very hot City indeed today!


St Margaret Lothbury and St Mary Woolnoth are Church of England parish churches at the heart of the City of London.

We are open 7.30am–5.15pm from Monday to Friday. Everyone is welcome to visit for prayer, quiet reflection or simply to enjoy the peace.

Holy communion

Tuesdays, 12.30pm at St Mary Woolnoth, 13.10pm at St Margaret Lothbury

Informal worship and teaching

Wednesdays, 12.50–2pm at St Margaret Lothbury. Thursdays, 12.50–2pm at St Mary Woolnoth. Come and go as you wish.

Organ recital

Thursdays, 1.10-2pm at St Margaret Lothbury (except in August).


We believe in the power of prayer. We have a loving Heavenly Father who longs to meet with us as we talk to him about the things that worry us and the things that make us happy. At the end of the informal services there are always people from the prayer ministry team available to pray. Members of the prayer team are also available at St Margaret’s on Wednesday evenings anytime between 5.15 and 6.15pm. Also on Monday mornings a prayer meeting is held between 7.45 and 8.45am. All are welcome – come when you can, go when you need to.

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Group meets every Thursday at 8am in St Margarets Lothbury. It’s a great opportunity to get connected with other men who work in the City of London. For more information or if you would like to join please contact the Church via email.

More about our services and events

We aim to serve those working in the Square Mile; to be on hand to pray for them, to hold services, which are sensitive to the time constraints and pressures of the City, to provide other opportunities to meet with other Christians and to offer a place for reflection and prayer throughout the week.

At the heart of our life is a commitment to worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ and making it possible for others to experience His love. We aim to offer a variety of services that will enable anyone to feel at home.

APCM & Reports

We held our 2018 APCM on 30 April. All reports for the Lothbury and Woolnoth APCM will be made available as soon as possible.


The main services of the week are our two informal lunchtime services on Wednesday at St Margaret Lothbury and on Thursday at St Mary Woolnoth. Although they last from 1250-1400 they are planned so that you may come when you can and go when you have to. On Tuesday each week there are more traditional Holy Communion services at 1230 at St Mary Woolnoth and 1310 at St Margaret Lothbury. These usually last around 30 minutes. Read a welcome from our Rector, Jeremy Crossley.


Find information about our commitment to safeguarding here.


Like many City Churches all our records are now held by the London Metropolitan Archives.

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John 11:38–44

Jeremy Crossley
25 March 2020


Psalm 121

Jeremy Crossley
19 March 2020

St Margaret Lothbury


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St Mary Woolnoth

Lombard Steet

Nearest tube: Bank Station (Exit 6)
Phone: 020 7726 4878
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The finances of the Lothbury parish

It costs about £220,000 a year to run our church. That is about £4,200 a week to ensure that the Clergy and church staff are paid, the building which is Grade 1 listed is properly maintained and heated, the parish affairs are efficiently run and our worship services continue to the highest standards. Our church relies for its upkeep on the giving of the congregation in financial support and. We do not receive any support from the State or the Church of England.